Hailing from Chicago, IL; Fatal Havoc was born when guitarist, Mykie, met vocalist, Sean, after a seven year search for the right singer. After having many songs prepared, they soon added bassist, Xander, to the band; forming “Fatal Havoc”. The band has already received a number of sponsors, fans and a staff of helpers. In 2013, Fatal Havoc released their debut, self-titled EP. Recently, the band has sign a deal with R.I.N.D. Records and are gearing up to release their next album “Gasping For Air” in September of 2017.

Upon completion of the recording process, the band is set up to tour and play major venues. Fatal Havoc is bringing hard rock to their hometown of Chicago, and across the nation. They have played with many famous acts including Sevendust, Lacuna Coil, Candlelight Red, Coal Chamber, Hurt, Adema, Smile Empty Soul, Stardog Champion, Isaac James (Joel Ekman of Stone Sour), Eye Empire, Wayland, Losing September, Herman Rarebell (Scorpions) and The Dreaming (with members of Stabbing Westward).

They are bringing a new sound to the music world, in the form of hard rock. Their music is comprised of modern, hard-hitting drums, catchy riffs, and melodic singing with screaming that is all blended together to make their sound unique. It is a type of music that is loved nationally by fans everywhere and is popular on many radio stations. Whether you’re a fan of hard rock or solid live performances, Fatal Havoc is the band to watch closely.