MyK1E formed Fatal Havoc back in 2007 originally as a side project from his then full time band. After meeting a drummer and vocalist the band started to play out in the Chicago area. But that era was shortly lived as his other band mates moved out of town. MyK1E started working with other bands in the Chicagoland area producing and writing music, all in the meantime working on new music and searching for a vocalist for Fatal Havoc to bring it back to light once again. After a seven year extensive search for a singer MyK1E finally met vocalist Chris from Missouri and Fatal Havoc was alive again.

Bringing raw energy and a very intense performance to the stage, MyK1E’s heavy low tuned and melodic riffs bring a huge dynamic to the band’s overall sound, while still maintaining some of the industrial aspect that the band was originally founded on. Influenced by grunge, funk and early nu-metal bands, his natural style and overall writing abilities is a huge part of the band’s fundamental sound.

Amp and FX:
Line 6 Vetta II
Line 6 Helix
Fishman Aura Spectrum Acoustic DI

Main Guitars:
Ibanez S7420FM-TW 7-String
Ibanez RG1527BK Prestige 7-String
Ibanez RG7621 7-String
Ibanez S2120XAV Prestige w/Piezo Acoustic
Ibanez AEL207E 7-String Acoustic

In Ear System:
Shure P3TRA215CL PSM300
Behringer Powerplay P16-I & P16-M

Q: How did Fatal Havoc first form?
A: I started Fatal Havoc way back in 2005 as an industrial metal band, that is where you get songs like “Sickness of the Mind” and “Agony of it All” from, those are very old songs. I took a break from it and started working on new music and reformed Fatal Havoc seven years later after searching for a vocalist for the new material I had written.

Q: Your live show is pretty crazy, reminds me of old 90s guitarist on stage, do you warm up at all before shows?
A: I do some stretching on my legs and back before I hit the stage, but not that much.

Q: That move you do when you jump in circles while playing guitar, what do you call that?
A: That’s the ‘Whorenado’ and it is really fun and hard to do. There have been times where I fell off the stage, but the crowd loves it.

Twitter: @MyKIE_Havoc
  • If you’re not bleeding, you’re not playing hard enough!!!MyK1E
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