Sean joined Fatal Havoc in October of 2012 after he heard demos that MyK1E had posted online in search of a vocalist. Sean immediately responded and got in touch with MyK1E, who was already trying out a handful of other vocalists. After getting a bunch of demos to record a tryout track to, Sean spotted a song online that MyK1E had wrote called “Agony of it All” and requested that he tryout to that song first. Blown away by what Sean had wrote, MyK1E offered him the spot as lead vocalist for Fatal Havoc.

Fueled by raw emotion, Sean’s melodic and heavy vocals bring a huge dynamic to the band’s sound. Influenced by some of rocks greatest such as: Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden, Geoff Tate of Queensryche and Mike Patton of Faith No More, Sean’s vocal style mixed with MyK1E’s writing style creates a raw, emotional and heavy sound that gives fans something new.

Q: What inspired you to become a full time vocalist?

A: In life, it’s about doing what makes you happy; singing has always been a creative outlet for me. There’s so much expression and soul in music that can’t be expressed through normal means. Seeing what music has done for people throughout the ages is what has inspired me to be a vocalist.