Sean hails from Southern Illinois; born in Chicago and relocating south for his formative years. Before joining Fatal Havoc; Sean flexed his skill in Alt Metal, Prog Rock and Grunge projects. Having grown up with bands like Faith No More, Sevendust and Iron Maiden, he developed an appreciation for strong vocal talent. This appreciation inspired Sean to pursue music from the tender age of 6. Between choir in school and self-taught lessons, Sean’s passion for singing became his singular focus. At the age of 15, Sean formed his first band, Shadowbox, and never looked back. Sean met Mykie in 2012, when Nu Metal band, Fatal Havoc, was holding auditions for a lead vocalist. Together, and with the addition of Smyff and Xander, Fatal Havoc has developed into a powerhouse of talent. Sean relocated to Chicago in 2014, where the band calls home, and the album “Gasping for Air” came to life. Sean is the only member of the band who can ineffectively tell ‘Dad’ jokes to a silent crowd and knows far too many Batman facts. His only other lifelong goal, besides playing music, is to eat sushi at zero gravity.
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Q: What got you involved with this project?
The dedication from the entire band, the emotion I could inject into the lyrics and melodies, and the
power behind the music itself all appealed to me.

Q: What new music do you jam?
I’ve recently been listening to Fozzy’s new stuff, a couple of new songs by Hell Yeah and Korn’s Serenity
of Suffering.

Q: Who do you credit as your biggest influence?
Mike Patton, hands down.

Q: What is your favorite song to perform?
A: Sickness of the Mind. This song has so much power and emotion. The way the Intro to this song hits
from the start, creating this wave of intensity that brings out such a strong reaction in the crowd.

Q: What is the strangest request that you have had from a fan?
A: To sign another band’s album. I’m not even sure that they realized.
Twitter: @SeanHavoc1
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