Smyff was introduced to the band shortly after their formation when he filled in while their former drummer was on hiatus. When problems with their former drummer started to become more frequently the band then decided to part ways with him and use Smyff as their fill in drummer till they found a replacement. After trying out a bunch of really talented drummers, MyK1E decided to add Smyff as the full time drummer for the band.

Being Sean’s little brother, Smyff  has jammed with him in many bands in the past. Influenced by Psychostick, Slipknot and System of a Down and opening up for some of the biggest names in rock. Smyff’s live and studio experience is unprecedented, bringing hard hitting drums and an epic stage show.

Mapex Drums

Saluda Earthworks Cymbals

Gibraltar Avenger II Kick Pedal
Mapex and Tama Stands

Vic Firth

In-Ear System:
Ultimate Ears Custom Fit
Behringer Powerplay P16-I & P16-M

Q:  Who influenced you to become a drummer?
A: There have been many people who influenced me to become a drummer, Joey Jordison is one of them as he is a personal hero of mine. His raw energy and stage show blew me away. I’d also have to say my father, although not a drummer himself but he has helped me in many ways with drumming.

Q:  You bring some pretty big energy to the stage, how do you prepare for a show?
A:  I prepare more mentally than anything else. I also have a playlist I listen to on the way to shows to get me mentally prepared. I will also do some light stretching of my neck and wrists too.

  How strong do you feel about the music you guys write?
A:  I feel very strongly about it. When you write music you put a lot of emotion into it. With anything you create you feel a mixture of emotions, including happiness, determination, and passion. To know that our music has helped people through tough times or brought people together is a very special thing to me.

  Any insights on your upcoming album?
A: Gasping for Air is a very powerful, emotional, hard hitting album that I am incredibly fortunate to have been apart of. I would have to say it’s my favorite album that I’ve ever recorded, and I can’t wait for fans to experience it.
Twitter: @SmyffOfficial
  • Always make sure that you’re passionate about what you do!Smyff
  • I once had a fan come up to me and say: ‘you remind me of Morgan Rose of Sevendust!’ and that meant a lot to me because Morgan Rose is an absolutely amazing drummer!!!Smyff
  • What defines me as a drummer is dedication, energy, determination, and passion; I always try my best to give the fans an energetic show because when I see my favorite bands, I love it when they all jump around together and they have a collective energy!Smyff